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Anti-Bullying Club - Vol. 2

Malaysia's BIG Creation 

Now Available 


About Sydney Jo Washington

Sydney Jo Washington is an energetic, enthusiastic, and charming young woman with a passion for seeing others treated fairly. It was because of an incident involving a classmate at her school that lead to her passion for speaking out against bullying through the creation of her nonprofit, Anti-Bullying Club, or ABC, which focuses on providing bullying prevention education, advocacy, and other community service projects supporting local and statewide anti-bullying nonprofit organizations.


Sydney is the creator of the Anti-Bullying Club Book Series, which helps to spread awareness about bullying, teaching them how to resolve conflict, and deal with bullying the right way. The first book in the series, Malaysia’s BIG Move, follows Malaysia from New York to Atlanta where she helps her new friends build self-confidence and stand up to local bullies.

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